Founders and Lead Instructors

Melisa Pearce

Melisa is a lifelong horsewoman and developer of the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method (EGCMethod). She has bred, trained and shown multiple world champions in APHA and AQHA. She currently certifies coaches trained in the EGCMethod through her Touched by a Horse Certification Program based in Elizabeth, Colorado.

Joyce Cowfer

Joyce is a certified John Lyons Professional Horse  Trainer and a certified Equine Gestalt Coaching Method practitioner. She is a lifelong horsewoman  who has competed in many different equine disciplines from endurance and gaited horse events to hunter/jumper and dressage. She is the owner of Unbridled Possibilities in  Pasadena, Maryland.


Camp Instructors and Locations

Anna and Shawn Mott

2020 Camp dates: 

Set One: March 11-15 and August 21-25
Set Two: August 21-25 and November 6-10

Camp location: Woodside, CA, Folger Stable at Wunderlich Park

Anna Mott

Anna’s deep-rooted connection with Horses traces back to her first riding experience at age 15. The connection and excitement she felt was unforgettable and marked the first of many times she felt intuitively drawn to horses, as if they were calling to her on a deeper level. Years later when she was introduced to Reiki energy, Anna began a journey of self-discovery and healing, which ultimately allowed her to achieve inner harmony and led her back to horses.
Today, Anna uses her training with the Touched By A Horse® Certification Program as a certified Equine Gestalt Coach to help her clients connect with their inner spirit to discover their potential and start living their life’s true purpose. As a Reiki Master, she also uses her deep understanding of energy and horses to teach others to best support their horses’ well-being through energy healing.

Anna is deeply committed and grateful for the opportunity to serve her true calling to help others achieve peace in harmony with animals and nature.

Shawn Mott

Shawn trained his first mustang when he was ten years old. Since then, he has truly lived the life of a cowboy. As an eagle scout, he was mentored by a 70-year-old half-Cherokee horseman, who shared his secrets in the ways of the horse. As a young man, Shawn continued studying different disciplines of horsemanship always with the focus on interpreting the Horses for the improvement of the relationships and connection between Humans and their Horses. Shawn’s vision is about bringing and sharing Nature and Horses with public. As a CEO of Chaparral Corporation he currently has one state contract, two county contracts and several city contracts covering four different facilities/county parks where he takes care of a hundred horses and offers lessons, trail rides, and camps.
Today Shawn continues to ride, train horses and provide instruction and follows his passion by assisting recreation departments to fulfill their Horse and recreational needs in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Carolyn Fitzpatrick and Christina Stintchcomb

Camp Dates: TBA

Camp Location: Airy Hills Stables, Chestertown, MD

Carolyn Fitzpatrick

Carolyn is a lifelong horsewoman, Certified Equine Gestalt Coaching Method Practitioner, creator of the Trust-Based Equine Partnership Training Method and Co-Author of Equusology: Deciphering Human and Horse Typology.

Combining her 3 degrees in psychology, education and equine science along with nearly 40 years of owning and managing her own ranch she has the wisdom of decades of experience to share with others. She currently owns Bellamy Farms in Amherst, VA and offers trainings and horse clinics at this facility plus travels to other locations across the continental US to work with owners and their horses to deepen their horse/human partnerships.

Carolyn embraces natural horsemanship as the methods that should be used for all training. She believes the path is a life-long one where the horse and handler learn from each other with each contact.  The results are priceless because the desire to please each other continues to be mutual.

Christina Stintchcomb

Camp dates: dates TBA

Camp location: Airy Hills Stables, Chestertown, MD


Christina Stintchcomb

Christina is a certified Equine Gestalt Coach. She is also a horseback riding instructor and trainer. She and her husband Bart own and operate the beautiful Airy Hill Stables in Chestertown, Maryland.

“My journey with horses has shaped who I am and has led me to my life’s work: to share with others what horses can teach us. If we are willing to look deeply into our own hearts and souls – our patterns, beliefs and ways of being, we can gain powerful insights into ourselves. We can move from fear to love. From the old-school dominance based paradigm into a more awakened, cooperative and empowered state of being. Here life can be full of joy, rewarding connections, experiences and relationships.”

Christina combines her passion for horses, healing and personal growth in all of her programs offered at Airy Hill Stables from riding lessons to coaching sessions, retreats and soulful adventures including horseback riding in Ireland.

Las Vegas, Nevada | Horse Feathers Farm

Suzanne Sears

Suzanne Sears is a certified Equine Gestalt Coach, a graduate of Equine Studies 101 and the owner/operator of a large boarding facility, Horse Feathers Farm, in Las Vegas.

“I am excited to be facilitating Equine Studies 101. My journey with horses began several years ago as the mother of a horse crazy, show jumping daughter. Five days a week I found myself in a stall with a 1,000 pound animal and a fearless seven year old. After years of frustration, fears and tears, I found ES101. Finally, a balanced way to build a solid equine foundation. I continue to add daily to my knowledge and passion for horses. Since equines bring so many opportunities to grow and develop as humans, it is wonderful to feel I have a solid knowledge base to support them in our journey together. I am now honored and thrilled to bring this opportunity to others who may be struggling like I did through those initial confusing steps into the world of horses.”


Deb Jackson and Lisa Lombardi

Deb Jackson

Deb Jackson is a certified Equine Gestalt Coach, and is the founder/owner of Windhorse Full Circle Coaching in northern California. Deb has been an equestrienne and horse owner since early childhood. Her deep appreciation of horses and their remarkable intelligence and willingness to partner with humans is reflected in this course. It is our goal to honor, respect and continually learn how to care for and communicate with our beloved equines in the best possible way.


Lisa Lombardi

Lisa Lombardi is an outstanding and recognized equine specialist, educator and equestrienne in multiple disciplines. She offers riding lessons for all ages with her herd of eight, and considers the safety of horse and human foremost. She has developed curriculum and provided instruction and supervision at the Santa Rosa Junior College’s well known Equine Studies program since its inception. She is certified with PATH and with CHA as a Master Clinician.


Martha Kuel and Anne Stoddart

Camp Dates: TBA
Camp Location: Arizona | Picking up the Reins

Martha Keul

Martha is an avid horsewoman of more than 30 years and has gained broad experience and knowledge about horses and their care during that time.   Her experience dates back to college days when she worked at a riding stable and was responsible for the care and safety of  50+ horses and their riders.  It continued as she kept horses at home in several states and pursued trail riding, horse camping and English and Western performance disciplines.  During this time, she learned in depth about the healing gifts that horses offer and became a certified EGGM coach. She has worked with several renowned trainers at their facilities and has gained much from their vast experience in the industry.   She enjoys working with people, values the talents and gifts that equines embody, and wishes to share with others the basic knowledge that it has taken her years to learn, through the ES101 course.


Anne Stoddart

Anne has had a heart connection to horses since childhood.  She hesitates to say she has owned a number of horses and laughingly prefers to say that they have owned her.  Regardless, she has gained a wealth of knowledge from her experiences with horse and continues to learn all she can about their gifts and how she can support their health and well-being.  Even after her 25+ years of riding, owning and caring for horses, she continues to expand her relationship with these wonderful beings.  She is a certified EGCM coach and now dedicates her life to working with them and sharing their gifts with others.  She appreciated the value that ES101 added to her knowledge and chooses to share it with others.