Deepening my ability to partner with horses will continue throughout my life.  I am certain that this past week in ES101 was one of my biggest growth spurts!

Joan S.

I came in wanting to be more knowledgeable and confident.  I wanted to learn about caring for horses, while showing respect to the horse.  I’ve gained all of these facts and more.  I‘ve walked away with a heart connected with their spirit and so much more: Ground work, lunging, round penning, grooming, proper nutrition, and just overall respect for them and myself around them. I thought the program was put together with such care for both the horse and us.

Kathy O.

My highlights were: working with 6 different horses was invaluable. Building my confidence in horse/human relationships with intention, energy and respect Coaching from 3 trainers, multiple theories, options and suggestions and their encouragement for me to find my own style. This is a wonderful way to create or improve on your relationship with your horse.  An opportunity to build respect and cooperation and develop confidence working with a variety of horses.

Linda S.

Of all the clinics and programs I have attended and participated in, this has been the most informative and excellent preparation for horse ownership.  Beyond this, horses are honored  and celebrated for who they truly are. This is an essential program for any TBH student or even graduate who would like to broaden and deepen their relationship with horses, their horsemanship and ability to honor our work with Equus.

Deb J.

I’ve had horses for over 20 years and now can finally say I have confidence when it comes to handling and caring for them. My highlights were learning to create authentic ‘join-up’. Learning ways to help the horse make the correct choice instead of forcing anything on them. ‘I-Thou’ with the horse and horse TLC was incredible!  Very impactful for me to go through this program.  Can’t wait to go back to my horses and practice!

Bethany P.

The ES101 camp was invaluable to me in providing the chance to learn and practice some basic yet essential skills and perspectives on the care and handling of horses.  I was able to build confidence and now have the ability to respond appropriately in a number of circumstances to ensure the health and well-being of the horses in my care.  I would recommend this program to everyone who loves horses and wants to understand what it takes to give them a loving and supportive home.

Patricia H.